"We have loved our experience
with Great River Organics! Every week there is a wonderful variety
of produce that helps us to eat seasonally."

- family of 2 foodies who appreciate the opportunity to support and eat local food

"Our family of 4 loves the local produce Great River Organics has provided. Delicious!"

"Newly gluten-free and re-learning to cook. Fresh ingredients make our dishes delicious as we explore new recipes."

"I like the variety and freshness of the produce. The thing I enjoy the most about being part of a CSA - you have a surprise in your box!"

"My bi-weekly share saves me a lot of shopping time and keeps me on
a healthy diet. It's tough not to eat healthy when you have a fridge full of delicious local organic veggies.
I love it!"

very busy single gal

"We've recommended this amazing service to multiple friends and family members
and are planning to do every week with fruit next year!"

- engaged couple on a ketogenic diet journey




Taking part in Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) means recognizing that farms are a vital part of both our community and our local economy. By becoming a member and buying a share in a certified organic CSA, you're investing in our local food system, supporting farmers, and reaping the benefits with weekly or bi-weekly bundles of clean, safe, delicious, local food.


Great River Organics, as a certified organic multi-farm CSA, helps you:

  • Support the growth of an Ohio-based, sustainable, organic food supply chain

  • Get to know the people who grow your food and help them reach more Ohioans

  • Enjoy the flavor and variety of vegetables picked at the peak of ripeness from local soil

  • Preserve our local food culture and precious Ohio farmland

  • Experience the peace of mind of knowing exactly where your food comes from and how it got to your plate

Strengthening your community at its roots

Know your farmer. Know your food.