Providing you the best-tasting, most responsibly-grown produce possible means committing to organic.

Committed to the land, committed to your well-being


While the food industry is full of buzzwords -
many of which don't truly mean anything -
our organic certification truly means everything.


Beyond the joy of clean, great-tasting food, our
organic certification means:

  • Complete transparency to our customers

  • Confidence in the integrity of our food

  • Safer working environment for our farmers

  • Preserving the soil quality of Ohio farmland

Certified organic means our farms adhere to a set of national standards, so part of the craft of organic farming is how we use techniques like proper composting, crop rotation, and intensive cover cropping to work with the rhythms and challenges of nature, not against them.


To learn more, see the USDA National Organic Program and
its requirements.

Organic farming standards include:

  • No genetically modified organisms (GMOs)

  • No synthetic pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, or fertilizer

  • Soil fertility management practice

  • Crop rotations

  • Areas of buffer land to separate conventionally-farmed acreage from certified organic acreage

  • Record keeping and traceability of production

  • Annual on-site inspections by a USDA-accredited third party


Know your farmer. Know your food.

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