We're building a sustainable, organic food system in Central Ohio.

By working as a non-profit cooperative of growers, we make it easy to get local, delicious food on your plate through our Great River Market Bag CSA and retail partnerships.

We're committed to high standards of environmental responsibility and integrity of ingredients, also making it easy for you to feel good about what you're purchasing and feeding to your family and friends.

We are looking for customers who believe...

Food should not be
an afterthought.

Food should not be
an afterthought.

Food should taste
good and bring
us joy.

Our farmers are as important as our doctors.

We should demand more of our growers and food sources.

Our soil, watershed, and bio-system are precious and worthy of protection.

We should appreciate Ohio's distinctive climate and soil types.

Quality should never be compromised.

Quality should never be compromised.

What we value:

  • Accountability

  • Leadership

  • Integrity

  • Transparency

  • Mastery

  • Resilience

  • Freedom from influence

We should ask more questions about our food.

Know your farmer. Know your food.