Seneca County, Ohio

"We believe [being certified organic] is an important distinction that represents our commitment to growing food that is healthy for the land, our bodies, and our workers, as well as being entirely transparent to our customers."
Kristy Buskirk, Clay Hill Farm

Aaron and Kristy Buskirk returned from working on farms of all sizes in both North and South America to farm the land Aaron was raised on in Seneca County, Ohio.
Clay Hill Farm specializes in growing vegetables in the rich glaciated soil of Seneca County in northern Ohio, land that has been farmed by Aaron's family for generations.
Drawn to Great River Organics by the opportunity to work alongside other organic farmers who believe in the same mission and share varieties, techniques, and experiences, Aaron and Kristy were also eager for the opportunity to connect with more consumers who want local organic produce and enjoy the stability and benefits that community-supported agriculture (CSA) offers farms.
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