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"I see farming as more than just a job. It’s my calling. I love the CSA way. I love being able to grow all kinds of vegetables. I love partnering with Mother Nature, being outside working the land, caring for the soil, diagnosing and solving problems, and bringing things to life. I love knowing my customers – each and every one. Being able to picture the people who will taste the fruit of my labor it’s incredibly motivating and makes this work extremely personal. And I love caring for the soil. Stewarding this most precious resource has become one of my greatest responsibilities.”  — Kurt Bench, Shared Legacy Farms

Elmore, Ohio

Farming is a calling for Kurt Bench, who started his own farm on 20 acres of land in 2008 and built it on a legacy of discipline, perseverance, and hard work.

Shared Legacy Farms is a small, 20 acre vegetable farm located in Elmore, Ohio. Owners Kurt and Corinna Bench started the farm in 2008 with the premise that “every vegetable tells a story.” With the advent of Big Agriculture and the growing dependence on processed food, many Americans have lost touch with the local farmer. Shared Legacy Farm’s vision is to help people rediscover this lost story and reconnect people to a real working family farm.


Kurt and Corinna are passionate about tending the soil, educating consumers about the world of agriculture, and reviving a spirit of community through their farm. They have two young sons who love to farm and play tractors, and are an integral part of the farm operation.


Know your farmer. Know your food.