It’s our vision to make local, certified organic food a normal fixture in people’s lives—while helping our farmers sustainably grow their operations. 


Great River Organics (GRO) supports the existence of an Agriculture Supported Community (ASC), where farms are recognized as a vital part of the community and the local economy. GRO aims to build an Ohio-based, sustainable, organic food supply chain, while providing the customer with an unparalleled array of products. We are looking to build something diversified, meaningful and lasting—a food system that Ohioans can look to as the primary source of food for their families. We want to increase the level of quality—and joy—people have with food in our community.


We exist because of your investment. When you choose food from our family of farms, you are making a choice that reaches far beyond locally-grown, certified organic produce. You are choosing to support a local food system that values its farmers as much as its buyers, and is unwilling to sacrifice the environment for the fulfillment of either.


When you join our multi-farm CSA, the Great River Market Bag, everyone wins. The farmers receive the benefit of a stable market, and you receive the benefit of clean, safe, locally-grown food. As a member, you receive more than a share in a farm’s bounty, you receive a renewed connection with your food, the peace of mind that comes with knowing its origin, and the satisfaction of investing in the creation of a stable local food system for future generations of farmers and consumers.

Local, sustainable farming must grow in size and scope to become a normalized fixture in our daily lives.


Customers want convenience, value and quality in their sourcing of local, certified organic foods. Today, you can search the aisles of our grocery stores, but local produce is hard to find (much less organic).


Great River Organics seeks to scale the business of small farms and solidify our respective production systems by working together—with a shared emphasis on environmental responsibility, tradition, flavor and integrity of ingredients. A sustainable farm is a profitable farm. With your investment, we’ll expand production and reach, inspire future generations to farm, and preserve our food culture and our precious Ohio farmland.


Know your farmer. Know your food.